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Mining operations are conducted by excavator (upto 4-5m level from the surface of the earth) and dredging vessel (sand pump, 5-15m level). The color of silica sand varies according to the mining depth. Since the silica sand from ‘Joomoonjin #116 Block’ has been recognized as the best one by every customer for a long time, it is preferred as a standard on the specifications
Filtration Sand is sorted and washed by very delicate screen, since proper particle size and purity are very important. Especially, the products with exact particle size can be produced only by the specialists as the particle size is very sensitive to the spread of size, sorting quantity, revolution speed of screen, quantity of washing water injected, etc. We have 5 sorting facilities (each has 3-5 screens), which enable us to produce various products simultaneously. (the biggest sorting facility in Korea.)
Sands for molding, rust removal, etc. are delivered after the drying process which makes the water content of final product below 0.1%. The particle size is maintained properly as the sand is treated by dust controller and resorting process after the drying process.
There are two types of inspections conducted by professionals; one is occasional inspection in process of production, and the other is final product inspection. We can test all the items specified in the criteria for water supply facilities accordingly, such as particle size, impurities, etc. Concerned parties’ attendance in inspection as well as the issuance of inspection report is also possible.
Silica sand products are packed not only for the maintenance of purity, but also for the convenience of loading/unloading, transportation, and input. There are two ways of packing; by ton bag and by small gunny bag. In order to minimize the loading/unloading cost for the small gunny bag packing, several gunny bags are packed together in a ton back.
Delivery is made on a first-come, first-served basis, reflecting the convenience of customers. Quantity determination is conducted by the third party certified surveyor and converted by the quantity per volume.