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Joomoonjin Silica Sand Co., Ltd. has grown to be a specialized supplier of silica sand for last 40 years. Especially, as the nation’s only KS (Korean Standards) sand producer, Joomoonjin Silica Sand Co., Ltd. has aimed to meet clients’ needs, based on its long experience and accumulated technology. We will do our best to develop new technologies and to improve our services.

Joomoonjin Silica Sand Co., Ltd. is preparing for its next leap since it was incorporated as a 100% subsidiary of Korea Railroad Industry Development Company in 2013. Instead of sticking to existing natural industrial silica sand business, we will expand our business to the artificial silica sand as well as the imported silica sand, which enable us to grow up to the biggest silica sand supplier in Korea. On top of the existing business’ stability, through promoting activated carbon business aggressively to cope with the government’s environmental policy, expansion of the advanced water treatment facilities, we can be a ‘small but strong’ company with profitability as well as growth potential.

Joomoonjin Silica Sand Co., Ltd.promises you to supply better products by improving the quality and developing the technology continuously based on client friendly & eco-friendly policies.

Hong Koo Kim, CEO of Joomoonjin Silica Sand Co., Ltd.